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Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Sebastopol, CA Best mole in Sebastopol, CA.

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Enchiladas De Mole

Two corn tortillas stuffed with chicken mole. Topped with mole sauce, cheese & roasted sesame seeds.


Fresh avocados, tomato, onion, jalapeño & cilantro turn into guacamole at your table. Topped with cotija cheese

Fajita Style Quesadilla

Your choice of grilled chicken or steak, with Monterey jack cheese mixed with onions, red & green bell peppers folded in a flour tortilla. Served with guacamole, sour cream & salsa Mexicana

Chicken Fajitas

Strips of grilled chicken, atop a bed of sautéed onions, garlic & bell peppers. Served with a touch of our special soy sauce on a sizzling skillet

Chicken Mole

Grilled chicken breast strips cooked with authentic Mexican mole. Topped with sesame seeds. Your choice of corn or flour tortillas. Served with rice and refried, black or whole beans.

Deluxe Taco Salad

A crispy flour tortilla shell filled with refried beans and a combination of fresh romaine hearts, iceberg lettuce, carrots, red cabbage, tomato & Monterey jack cheese. Loaded with your choice of meat and topped off with sour cream & guacamole

Mole Burrito

Flour tortilla stuffed with traditional chicken mole, rice, beans, cheese & salsa Mexicana, topped with more sauce, sour cream & guacamole. Served with House Salad.

Mole Madness: Mexican Delight

Mole Madness: Mexican Delight
Indulge in rich, savory mole. Our authentic Mexican mole sauce is a blend of chilies, chocolate, and spices, creating a complex and flavorful experience. Try our chicken mole enchiladas or mole poblano with tender pork. Savor the depth of flavor in every bite.

Mole Delivery and Pickup Options

Mole Delivery and Pickup Options
Looking for mole delivery or pickup? We've got you covered! Enjoy our authentic Mexican mole dishes from the comfort of your home. Try our chicken mole enchiladas or vegetarian mole tacos. Order online for easy pickup or get mole delivered straight to your door.

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